“…no sexism nor, I guess any racism (cause those two things are actually deeply related in America…)”

Your statement represents one of the Feminist orthodoxies whose veracity I challenge. Since I am challenging a Feminist orthodoxy, I presume that you would apply the term “sexist” to what I am about to say. So — —

WARNING: The following statements contain sexism. Proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Relations between the sexes are founded upon a basis that is entirely different than that of relations among races. A human population always consists of an approximately equal number of each of two sexes. The same population may consist of any number of races in any proportion. A population may consist of a single race, in which case it would encounter no racial issues whatsoever. All populations always consist of two sexes. Races may blend through cultural assimilation and, genetically, through intermarriage. Racial proportions within a population are variable and change over time. The sexes cannot blend genetically through “intermarriage;” their relative proportions remain stable over time. The two sexes must interact with each other and form families or the population will fail to persist. Different races may remain separate and engage in only minimal interaction or none at all, or they may integrate. Members of different races might intermarry and blend into a single race over time. The sexes will remain separate.

The sexual tensions that exist between male and female humans are not present among different races of humans. Sexual tension influences relations between the sexes both individually and collectively, an influence that is not present in relations between races.

Racial differences have little if any practical significance beyond what people choose to give them. Differences between the sexes do have practical implications to the process through which a population becomes organized into a society. They are of significance to the process through which a society propagates itself both biologically and culturally.

Effective modification of relations among races requires a different process than does modification of relations between the sexes.

NOTE: The term “sexism” has already been applied to the above message, relieving you of the responsibility. You are now free to express specific and pointed criticism.

I neither affirm nor deny that either racism or sexism “exist” or don’t “exist.” I assert that a statement that expresses truth cannot be rendered false by application of the term “sexist.” The term can convey to other readers the impression that the truth expressed is unworthy of consideration. It can prejudice the reader in regard to the statement’s worthiness before the statement is read. The term “racist” can be and often is used in a similar manner.

In a previous article you described a metaphorical line, a barrier that exists between black people and white people. I agree that there is indeed such a barrier. The barrier only exists because enough people believe it exists. If enough people had the courage to defy the barrier and refuse to believe it exists it would vanish, nevertheless it remains persistent. I agree with you that an individual ought to take advantage when presented with an opportunity to defy the barrier, by crossing it. Your suggestions on how to do so were practical ones. In my judgment, our world, our nation, our society and each member thereof, would benefit immensely if the barrier were torn down like the Berlin wall. If you wish to apply the term “racist” to the circumstances that you described I have no quarrel, but the term does nothing of significance to enlighten me any further than your vivid description already has.

I am aware that there are people who assert that members of their own race are superior to members of other races, that they are of greater value in the eyes of God. That particular ideology has traditionally been referred to as “racism” and its practitioners as “racists.” One can observe that self proclaimed practitioners of that ideology exist, therefore racism exists. In that case, the term conveys a distinct meaning.

The terms “sexism” and “sexist” were invented by Feminists in the mid 1960’s. The terms were derived from the terms “racism” and “racist” and were intended to seem analogous in order to convey the impression that there was an atmosphere of discrimination against women that was equivalent to the discrimination against African Americans. It was a very effective strategy because it enabled Feminism to associate itself with the civil rights movement and gain public attention through that association. To the extent that there are people who assert that members of their own sex are superior to, are of greater value in the eyes of God than the opposite sex, sexism exists.

“What kind of Jewish guy is that?…”

The kind who no longer practices Judaism, but has had a thorough Jewish education. My perspective on religious practice can be found in this brief comment:

I am not aware of any doors being closed to me as a Jew. I do remember learning that certain universities had quotas limiting the number of Jews they would accept. It is my understanding that such quotas were abolished before I was born. The existence of such quotas may have been one motivation for establishing Brandeis University. If there were doors closed to me without my being aware, it is of no consequence. The doors through which I was able to pass have opened into the room that I currently occupy and I am quite satisfied with conditions that I experience in this room. If I had passed through other doors I might very well be experiencing less than satisfactory conditions in whatever room they would have led me to.

“…mostly men…”

Who could have imagined that the people who are most critical of Feminism would be the people who are most adversely affected by it?

I have no interest in converting you to a new ideology. If you like your Feminism you can keep your Feminism. My aim is to explain my perspective to the curious as clearly as possible. I have accomplished that goal and am prepared to triage out of that topic if that is your wish.

I said, “I know…he’s a weird one.”

Many others have said the same thing.

A bastion of defensiveness. Bringing you all the Gish Gallop that’s fit to print (and some that isn’t). — Which reality is the real reality?

A bastion of defensiveness. Bringing you all the Gish Gallop that’s fit to print (and some that isn’t). — Which reality is the real reality?