“…I’d say there’s much more to be done. And probably it’s not so much of a woman’s issue as a human issue.”

Tikkun Olam.

The world was created with imperfections and humans are tasked with fixing the imperfections. A perfect world will never be achieved; there will always be something to fix. Many will concur with the imperative to fix the world; few will agree on how to go about it.

“…in the battle of the sexes…”

…there is too much fraternizing with the enemy.

“might makes right.”

The one who has the might gets to decide what is right. Might makes right in the short term. In the long term right makes might.

“…humans are hierarchical, but intelligent and therefore self-destructive.”

Humans are aggressive and intelligent. I’m not sure what hierarchiality has to do with it.

Hierarchy is inevitable. Hierarchy emerges because it is the most successful basis around which to unify, organize and manage a substantial population. The most successful populations are organized in hierarchical fashion. Those are the systems that persist, while others disintegrate.


That’s my language.

Written science fiction has declined a notch in quality since the glory days of Asimov, Clarke, Niven, Pohl, Heinlein, etc. There are some newer movies and TV series that are surprisingly imaginative.

Our library recently acquired the entire Stargate Atlantis series which I am currently working through (5 seasons). Last year I completed 10 seasons and assorted movies of Stargate SG1. Babylon V was another great one. Battlestar Galactica — I can’t find season 4.5 of the latter version in DVD. The library has the earlier version, but the last disc is defective. I have yet to find out how the journey ends. Did they ever find Earth? In what condition?

I am presently working my way through Asimov’s robotics/Foundation anthology consisting of a few dozen novels and short story collections. I have reached “Foundation’s Edge” the second last novel in the collection.

I’d like to say that I will read the one you cited, but if you saw the pile I have on my bookshelves you’d realize how little hope there is. I won’t live long enough to read them all. What amazes me is that Asimov wrote more books during his life than I can read during mine.



“…Their intent was to wipe humans out… …by not allowing them to reproduce.”

Might makes right?

“…who incidentally came to rescue the planet after WWIII…”

Aren’t invaders always here to “rescue” us?

With friends like them who needs enemies?

“We’re wiping you out, but don’t worry, it’s for your benefit.”

““hey you know what the problem with you humans really is?”

…to which I answer, “Hey, you know what the problem with you aliens really is?”

“…making the case that humans are a defective species…”

Who appointed the defective aliens as prosecutor, as well as judge, jury and executioner?

“…a defective species, that will end up destroying itself…”

…if some other defective species doesn’t destroy them first.

“…one won’t submit to the will of another.”

As in humans who resist submitting to the aliens’ will?

“…need for war is largely a masculine characteristic, one where female characteristics have no place, or very little anyway.”

“They {women} don’t win wars, at least not physically, though they can certainly play a part in setting it off.”

I guess you could say that women instigate a war and appeal to their men to win it for them. They then blame the men for the war.

“Big men just use their bodies to intimidate people.”

Taller men tend to have advantages over shorter men. Is this an example of a higher-archy?

“ He who has the biggest army wins…”

An observable truth. Do you have any suggestions as to how one might build a world in which “he who has the smallest army wins”? How would that world be preferable to this one?

“…in this world women simply are not valued as much as men…”

There is no objective value. There is no value independent of a valuer. Each individual values what he or she considers important.

A bastion of defensiveness. Bringing you all the Gish Gallop that’s fit to print (and some that isn’t). — Which reality is the real reality?

A bastion of defensiveness. Bringing you all the Gish Gallop that’s fit to print (and some that isn’t). — Which reality is the real reality?